Tonalities is a relaxing single-player puzzle game where you position tiles to complete elaborate trick shots

Development started in Winter 2022 between Beijing and London (Ontario). The game is currently in Steam Early Access and will be seeing regular updates until its full release in 2024.

Overcome Film Festival Game Awards 2023 - Official Selection


In Tonalities, every level is a captivating puzzle that seamlessly loops until you conquer it. Prepare to engage both your cunning and your dexterity as you strike the balance between skill and puzzle-solving. Maneuver your way through each level by combining your strategic thinking with precise execution. We’re creating a wide selection of puzzles that will keep you contemplating and experimenting. Command and then defy the laws of physics to solve each level.

Art Style

Tonalities is a visually sleek game characterized by its minimalist art style. Its sleek and understated design, featuring clean lines and vibrant neon colour, not only enhances the gameplay, but also reflects the game’s focus on elegant simplicity, making it a truly immersive and aesthetic experience.


Enjoy an original, ambient soundtrack created by Canadian composer TVVIG that perfectly complements each level. Let the soothing melodies guide you, as you experience the soothing sounds of each level.

Number of puzzles

The current build includes approximately 35 puzzles split over 7 acts. Our current roadmap aims to get to 100 puzzles by the end of Early Access.

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Overcome Film Festival Game Awards 2023 - Official Selection